Minimum Orders

There is a Minimum order of 25.00.

Shipping starts at 6.95.
Shipping a KNK machine anywhere in USA is 19.95. International customers please contact me for rates
Shipping and applicable taxes are added at checkout.


What software can I use?
Zing comes shipped with Make the Cut! Software.
Other KNK machines can be shipped with either KNK Studio or MTC.

Will Make the Cut! work on a Mac?
Out of the box MTC will not work with Mac. Parallels or Bootcamp will run Make The Cut.

How many computers can I cutting software on?

KNK Studio you can install on 2 computers
Make the Cut! you can install on all the computer you own.

Do I need to use a dongle?
No. Make the Cut! does not require dongle- just activation key.
KNK Studio now longer requires dongle- just activation key for 2 computers.

Does software with Windows 7?
If you have any problems please check downloads page for drivers and software upgrades.
OR email me with your questions.

I’m lost.Where Can I get Help using my machine and software?

You have lots of options:
You can join several of the yahoo groups devoted to using cutting machines and software.
Can email me for help.
Watch Videos and Tutorials that may solve your problems