Downloads & Manuals


Download KNK user manual in pdf format by clicking on link and saving to your computer’s hard drive.

Klic N Kut Studio GE manual

Klic N Kut Groove-E Manual Updated December 2008

MAXX and Groove-E manual updated Feb. 2009

Original KNK User Manual updated April 1009

Instructions for Calibrating Your KNK Machine

Alignment Pin Calibration Guide for Groove-E

Laser Calibration Guide for Maxx

KNK Maxx Air with Make the Cut! Manual pdf format

KNK Zing Air and Maxx Air Drivers

For the Zing, Zing Air, Maxx and Maxx Air digital cutting machines made by KNK USA.
KNK Zing / Zing Air and MAXX Air driver

For KNK Groove-E
KNK MAXX / Groove-e Driver

Software for KNK Digital Cutting Machines

Zing with MTC User Manual- PDF download HERE
Chapters 1, 2, 9 and 10 are specific to the KNK Zing.
Chapters 3 – 8 are Make The Cut only and will be useful to all owners of Make The Cut software.

Zing with MTC User Manual in Interactive Downloadable Format HERE

Zing with Make-The-Cut Interactive Format HERE

Download Drivers for KNK Machines and Dongles

( Try these drivers if your machine is not recognizing your dongle)

Pink Cable Driver for the Mac

64 Bit Driver for Original KNK.ZIP

CDM 2.04.16 WHQL