Using Make the Cut to Print and Cut Images that Overlap

My mind is bending trying to come up with concise titles for these!
In this video ( by Sandy McC.) She shows how to use print and cut feature to cut around images that overlap each other. In this case a rectangle and a heart.
It is a printed invitation that is square and we wanted printed on so that card is heart shaped.
When you overlap the invitation over hear shape the registration marks want to include the rectangular shape of paper- we don’t want that!
Check out video below to learn another Print and Cut feature in Make the Cut.

Print and Cut a Larger Images Around Smaller one in Make the Cut.

Very challenging to come up with a title for this post that makes sense. Basically this is a video that shows you how to use Print and Cut feature on an image that is surrounded by another larger image-sually a shape. In this case a printed invitation with a scalloped border.
If you don’t tweak your file this that your registration marks will not cut where you want them to- you will not be able to cut out shape because registration marks wont match up.

Cutting Out Stamped Images Using Make the Cut Print and Cut Feature with Your KNK Zing

An excellent video tutorial that help de-mystify the Print and Cut feature in Make the Cut. Many people are very intimidated by Print and Cut features with their cutting machine.
Using print and cut yous can cut around or mat pinted images of your own or stamped on paper.
This video goes into detail on how to use Print and Cut with make the Cut and then is cut out on KNK Zing.
The process would be very similar for other cutters that use registration marks. In this vdeo Sandy take a favourite stamped image then cuts around the outside.

How to Use Print and Cut to cut Stamped Images using Make the Cut

Using Thin Path to Create Rhinestone Patterns with Make the Cut

You can use “thin path” in Make the Cut to create your own Rhinestone patterns from text or coloring book images.
Using thin path cuts down on the clean up time when creating templates. This is very useful if you are doing lettering or monogram.
Basically thin path creates a line is centre of your paths. (similar to center line tracing)

Using Lattice Feature in Make the Cut

Make the Cut allows you to create lattice designs for scrapbook pages and card making very easily. The video tutorial by Sandy McC. below gives step by step instructions on how to use the lattice feature in Make the Cut.